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Glossop Heritage Trust is staffed by volunteers who undertake different tasks. It will help us to respond to you more quickly if you use the appropriate contact route from those below.
Please be aware that when you make an enquiry it is necessary for us to record your name, contact details (in order to send the response), the subject of enquiry and the response(s) supplied.
Your enquiry will initially be read by a volunteer who will assess it and may pass it on to another of our volunteers for a substantive reply. By making an enquiry you consent to us processing the data you supply.

Please leave the generated e-mail header as is to avoid messages being mistaken for spam. Our volunteers look for the generated headings and may miss requests if they are altered.
If clicking on a contact link does not work, please check that you have your default e-mail program properly defined on your device.

Research Enquiries
The Trust has extensive archives and we welcome enquiries by e-mail from people interested in Glossop history and heritage.

Whilst the Trust is mainly concerned with Local History, we inevitably have some information about prominent local families. In addition, some of our volunteers are amateur family historians so may have information about less well known families or, at least, be able to point you in the right direction for further research. For Family History Research on Glossop Ancestors, please submit your enquiry by clicking here.

For Research into Glossop History & Heritage, please submit your enquiry (giving as much detail as possible) by clicking here.

If you tried searching the web site and your search did not return the results you are looking for our researchers may be able to help. Please submit your enquiry by clicking here

Donation of items and information
We are still keen to receive further donations of items of local interest. If you can help then please use the following links to contact us.

To provide information regarding World War 1 Soldiers and Nurses please click here.

For other donations please click here.

Purchase of Photographs
The Trust is able to supply digital copies of photographs which have been catalogued in our Photo Archive. For full details please click here.

We are sometimes asked if we can supply copies of images embedded in the articles on our web pages. Unfortunately most of those images are low resolution and not suitable for supply of digital copies.
If you wish to enquire as to whether a particular image is suitable please click here with full details of the image and the page on which it is displayed.

Contacts of an Administrative Nature
To contact the Trust regarding administrative matters please click here.

If you are unsure as to which of the above contacts to use please click here and we will direct your message to the appropriate person.

If you have sent a message to Glossop Heritage Trust using an e-mail address found on another web site and have not received an answer it is probable that the address is invalid. This includes the addresses "", "" and "" which have been deleted as they had become the target of spam. Similarly, a "Mail delivery failed" message indicates an invalid address. Please resend your message to the appropriate address from those above.

Please direct anyTourism enquiries to High Peak Borough Council by clicking here.

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