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Theo Walter Ellison's Glossop Dale Reminiscences.

The Wood Family, continued (published 1 February 1935).

Sir Samuel Hill-Wood married the Honble. Decima Batman, and during his Mayoralty they entertained the members and officials of the Council and many ladies and gentlemen to a dance at the Victoria Hall, Glossop.

For a few years they were tenants of Park Hall, Hayfield, and the Grouse Moors, the property of F.J. Sumner’s Trustees.

Before proceeding to the Sidebottom family, it will be appropriate to give the following summary of the munificent gifts by the Wood family to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of H.M. Queen Victoria in 1887.

£ £
Daniel H Wood For building 6000
For endowment 25000
John Wood To meet deficiency, building      1000
Mrs A.K. Wood Cost of furnishing 600
Samuel Wood J.P. and Mrs A.K. Wood      Cost of building (stated at) 15000
Samuel Wood J.P. Cost of laying out (stated at) 6000

The money for the Wood’s hospital was an immediate gift to the Corporation. The baths and park were vested in private Trustees until 1894, when they were transferred to the Corporation, but are not endowed. The land for these institutions was given by Lord Howard of Glossop.

Mention may also be made of previous gifts in 1881-2 of the two fountains in Victoria Street and High Street West, presented by Mrs Wood, of Whitfield House, and the fountain in High Street East by John Wood of Whitfield House.

For many years Sir John Wood has contributed £100 a year and Sir Samuel Hill-Wood £50 a year towards the maintenance of the hospital.

The gifts by Herbert Rhodes and Captain Partington in the Jubilee year will be mentioned presently.

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