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Theo Walter Ellison's Glossop Dale Reminiscences.

Isaac Jackson and Harriet Jackson (published 22 February 1935).

For a period of years Isaac Jackson carried on business as a saddler in High Street West, Glossop (somewhere near where Mr Albert Sidebottom’s music warehouse is now situate) and later, in Victoria Street. Over his door, here, a very big artificial head and neck of a grey horse indicated his trade, and this was the envy and admiration of every lad in those days. Immersed in mechanical contrivances he launched many inventions in belt fastening and belt fasteners, established an important and lucrative business and erected works for the manufacturing of the fasteners in Ellison Street, adjacent to Holly Mount, where he resided, and formed the company of Isaac Jackson Limited. The expansion of the business requiring more commodious premises, the Hawkshead Mills in Old Glossop were acquired and extended at which the company now carry on.

He frequently expressed his indebtedness to the late Lord Doverdale for the opportunities afforded to him to experiment and develop his patents by actual use at Turn Lee and other places.

Glossop was indebted for a much needed improvement in its appearance in the centre of the town by the building and erection of the shops and premises to which he gave the name of ‘Jackson’s Buildings’.

An unbounded confidence in the late Lord Doverdale’s undertakings prompted him to make extensive investments in the Kellner Partington Paper Co. Ltd.

He presented the Corporation with an ambulance at a cost of £300.

The donation from himself and his wife of £12,000, the purchase money for the Town Hall, Market Hall and appurtenant rights and franchises having been made, the Deed of Conveyance was handed over by them at a special meeting of the Council in July 1919, the event being part of the Peace Celebrations narrated in the article which appeared last week. The Council admitted him to the Roll of Honorary Freemen of the Borough on 26th May 1921, and his wife, Harriet Jackson, who had been his helpmate in all his work, was likewise enrolled on 19th February 1930.

According to Whitaker's Almanack for the year 1932, from the estate of which he died possessed amounting to the gross value of £237,656, the very substantial sum of £150,000 was left by his will to be administered by the Devonshire Lodge of Freemasons for the benefit of Glossop.

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