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Glossop, Hadfield & District Almanack, 1907.

1907 Almanack Cover These small Almanacks were issued annually throughout the country around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.
A standard booklet containing items like a calendar, sun & moon times, illustrations, jokes, information and words of wisdom would be produced and sold to local printers across the land. The local printer (in this case Jagger & Fernaly who were in business at 114 Station Road, Hadfield) would commission articles about the local area and sell both local and national advertising space. Depending on their success they might also have to pad out the Almanack with general articles.
In some cases the Almanack would include a directory of the local town(s). This Almanack contains a Tradesmen's Directory but its contents appear to be confined to those businesses which had purchased advertising space.

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History of Glossop; Glossop Post Office Information; Borough Council &c.; District Townships; Places of Worship; Wesley Chapel, High Street, Glossop.

Button image Local Heights; Cricket Leagues; St Andrew's Church, Hadfield; Local Notes; Tradesmen's Directory; Advertisements.

An article from the 1906 edition of the Almanack, on Hadfield Wesleyan Church, is available Here.

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