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Scenes from Hadfield.

Old Hall, Hadfield
The original centre of Hadfield was around its Cross and extended down what is now Hadfield Road. Hadfield Old Hall was built in 1646 by Thomas Hadfield, who had been Captain in Parliamentarian army in the Civil Wars against King Charles I.

The cottages shown in the photo on the right are further down the modern Hadfield Road, opposite The Spinners Arms public house and date from around the same period as the Old Hall.

Old Cottages, Hadfield

The village centre moved for two reasons - the advent of the cotton industry (which meant that mills were built along the water courses) and the building of the railway in a line to take it to Woodhead on the Derbyshire side of the Etherow.

This photograph of Waterside Mill was taken in the early years of the 20th century.
Waterside Mill, early years of the 20th century
Hadfield Library, built near to the railway station, dates from 1905. This photograph is later as it shows the War Memorial in front of the library.
Library, Hadfield
Council Houses, Hadfield
These council houses were built on Newshaw Lane (just above the junction with Green Lane) after World War 1.
Hadfield Picturedrome
Hadfield Picturedrome was at the junction of Bank Street and Wesley Street. The film "Samson & Delilah" was released in 1949. The building became a bingo hall in the 1960s before closing for good.
This general view, dated about 1930, was taken from the hill above Hadfield Station, looking down Station Road..
Hadfield, general view
Another general view, taken from Bankswood Park and showing the Cricket Field.
Hadfield, general view
Hadfield, general view
This view from Bankswood Park shows The Avenue with St Andrew's Church on the right and Bank Street Chapel towards the rear centre.
Hadfield, general view
A photo showing Bankswood itself with the southern end of The Avenue and, in the dip, the paddling pool and children's playground of Bankswood Park.
Park Road, Hadfield Church Street, Hadfield Newshaw Lane, Hadfield, 1906
Park Road
Church Street
Newshaw Lane, 1906
Hadfield War Memorial Dedication 31 March 1922 Hadfield War Memorial Dedication 31 March 1922
Hadfield War Memorial Dedication 31 March 1922
Hadfield, general view Bankswood Park, 1950s White Mill, Roughfields, Hadfield
A view of Hadfield looking up
Lambgates and Kiln Lane.
Bankswood Park in the 1950s
White Mill, Roughfields

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