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This section of the web site is continuously under development, so there may be little information about a particular subject at any given point in time, but please check back as it is intended that the amount of information available will be added to.

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Ancient Glossop: Prehistoric times to The Roman Empire   Early landowners: The Monks and the Barons

The Old Townships of Glossop Dale
Significant Events in the History of Glossop

Old Town and New Town: Glossop in the 19th and 20th centuries
Industry, mills and mill owners

Religion and Education
Transport: Roads, Railways and Tramways

Shops and Businesses of Glossop
Major Events in the Civic Life of Glossop

Parks and Hospitals
Military Matters: Volunteers and World Wars

Natural Disasters: Floods and Blizzards
Local Worthies and Their Legacies to Glossop

Local entries in 19th & 20th century Trade Directories
T W Ellison's Glossop Dale Reminiscences

GHT Blue Plaque Scheme

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