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Local History Articles - Old Town and New Town

Glossop in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Growth of the Population of Glossopdale Between 1680 and 1820.            Developments in the Second Quarter of the 19th Century.
Glossop, an extract from an 1846 Derbyshire Directory.            Longdendale Historical & Descriptive Sketches, 1863.
Glossop in the 1880s - A family budget for a man, wife and four children c1888.            Glossop information from an 1882 Almanac.
Some reminiscences of 19th century Glossop.            Glossop, Hadfield & District Almanack, 1907.
Images of Glossop in Multi-view postcards.            Old Glossop.
Harehills and Howardtown.            The Sandhole Story.
Story of Victoria Hall.            The Development of Norfolk Square.
The 1954 Development Plan.            Glossop's Council Housing.
Th’ Owd Wakes.            Mrs Wood's Drinking Fountains.

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