Glossop Hall

0001 Engraving of Glossop Hall published in The London Illustrated News 1852, when the Howard family came to live in Glossop
0002 Glossop Hall in the early 20th century extended and with chapel
0003 Glossop Hall after 1927
0004 View of the Italian Garden and Conservatory early 20th century
0005 The Italian Garden and Conservatory
0006 Inner gates to front of Glossop Hall
0007 View of the Chapel, Kingsmoor School
0008 Entrance to Kingsmoor School
0009 Italian Garden, Kingsmoor School from the 1940s to 1950s
0010 Terraces from the Hall leading to Manor Park
0011 Glossop Hall Entrance Hall
0012 Glossop Hall Chapel
0013 Glossop Hall Chapel
0014 Glossop Hall Fireplace
0015 Glossop Hall Norfolk coat of arms

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