00701 Cowbrook Mill c1912
00702 Meadow Mills Old Glossop 1960
00703 Meadow Mills, Old Glossop
00704 Shepley Mill, Old Glossop
00705 Wood's Howardtown Mill Xmas card photo 1920s
00706 Wood's Howardtown  Mill from the Bank
00707 Wood’s Howardtown Mill entrance & gatehouse, Victoria Street
00708 Wood's Fire Proof Mill, High St East, demolition
00709 Volcrepe Factory, Mill Town
00710 Shepley Mill, Chapel Street 1952
00711 Shepley Mill, Chapel Street, collapse
00712 Sumner's Wren Nest Mill
00713 Sumner's Wren Nes Mill, from Sunlaws St
00714 Wren Nest Mill entrance
00715 Cotton spinners
00716 Cotton weavers
00717 Cotton workers
00718 Group of workers at Chisworth Higher Coombes Mill 1908
00719 Kinderlee Mill, Chisworth
00720 Kinderlee Mill, Chisworth
00721 Chew Wood, Chisworth
00722 Lees Mill, Woolley Bridge, demolition
00723 Waterside Mills, Hadfield c1953
00724 Logwood Mill Dinting
00725 Dinting Vale  Printworks
00726 Printworks reading Room & Library
00727 Cotton spinners
00728 Dinting Vale Printworks Die Cutters in the Engraving Shop
00729 Dinting Vale Printworks Engraving Shop c1948
00730 Dinting Vale Printworks Mill Engraver c1948
00731 Dinting Vale Printworks Printing Roller Store c1948
00732  Dinting Vale Printworks Sixteen colour printing machi
00733 Chunal Dover Mill 1970
00734 Turnlee Mill
00735 Turnlee Pan House explosion 1943
00736 Paper sorters of Turnlee Mill
00737 Turnlee Wood Store
00738 Turnlee Mill Department heads 1946-7
00739 Corn Mill, Corn Street
00740 Gnat Hole Woollen Mill
00741 Hawkshead Mill  Blackshaw Clough1973
00742 Isaac Jackson factory workers
00743 Isaac Jackson Belt Fastener, workers
00744 Workers at Glossop Irnworks c1905
00745 Levi Jackson Rope Works, Hobroyd front of building
00746 Levi Jackson Rope Walk at rear of buildingg
00747 Levi Jackson Rope Walk
00748 Levi Jackson Rope Walk levelling machine
00749 Glossop Laundry Ellison Street
00750 Woods Baths construction workers
00751 unknown group
00752 Nurses at Partington Maternity Home
00753 Co-operative Society Committee
00754 Glossop Police at Ellison Street
00755 Glossop Fire Brigade
00756 Tram staff
00757 Hadfield Station staff
00758 Hadfield Post Office Staff
00759 Pickerings canning factory, Wren Nest Mill

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