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Whitfield Endowed School, Hague Street, Whitfield, Glossop

White's History, Gazetteer & Directory of Derbyshire & Sheffield 1857:
In 1778 Joseph Hague erected a building for a school, and for the residence of a schoolmaster for the instruction of poor people within the parish of Glossop. The schoolmaster was to reside at the school to instruct all the children within the said parish, not being under four years of age, in reading, writing, and arithmetic and the church catechism (a subsequent change meant that the master could receive weekly payments of 1d for reading, 2d for writing and 3d for arithmetic). The school is open to all the parish on the terms proposed; about 120 attend. The master occupies a dwelling house with a garden adjoining, the school room.
The Post Office Directory of Derbyshire, 1876:
Hague's endowed school was founded by Joseph Hague, esq., in 1779, and endowed with 39 yearly; Mr. George Ford is master (named as John Ford in the list of schools).
Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire, 1895:
Endowed, Whitfield (mixed), with master's residence, founded in 1779 by Joseph Hague esq. of Park hall, Hayfield, endowed with 39 yearly, for 144 children; average attendance 135; Walter P. Evason, master; Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Evason, mistress.

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Whitfield Endowed School Whitfield Endowed School.

Head Teachers of the school were:

George Roberts 1779 - 1800
John Dearnaley 1800 - 1843
James Bosley 1843 - 1844
John Ball 1844 - 1853
John Bardsley 1853 - 1872
George Ford 1872 - 1878
Noah Booker 1878 - 1881
Walter P Evason 1881 - 1925
Whitfield Endowed School rules

Reminiscences of Hague Street School; Former Headmasters; Origin of the School and its Trustees.

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