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The Glossop Turnpike Roads.

This passage is from J. Aitkin - Description of the Country Round Manchester - published 1795.

A few years ago an act was obtained for the making a new turnpike road, from Buxton to Chapel-en-le Frith through Hayfield, by Glossop to the Wood-head. From Chapel-en-le-Frith to the Wood-head it is completed. The road skims along the side of the Derbyshire hills halfway betwixt their tops and the Mersey. This road is principally intended for the advantage of those passing to and from Buxton into Yorkshire, instead of the wide circuit through Manchester. It is already much travelled, and will be still more so on its being known. The extension of this road from Buxton to Chapel-en-le-Frith is not yet finished. A new turnpike road passes from Glossop to Mottram, through Hadfield, which by the effects of the cotton trade is much improved of late.

Charlesworth, three miles from Glossop, is a long, straggling village of considerable extent, much increased within these few years, principally by the cotton business. The buildings reach nearly to the top of Charlesworth Neck, one of the highest range of hills in this part, extending south-east to a considerable distance. It is a continued range of rocks of free stone,* at least as far as seen in the back ground of the view of Mottram. The clouds in front hide the face of the rocks, or, as it is called, the Coombs. Near this is Chisworth, another small village; and not far from hence are collieries, which supply many of the villages on the Derbyshire side, though the coal is but indifferent.

The dates of the local Turnpike Acts of Parliament were:
1724 Manchester to Buxton (with branch from Whalley Bridge to Chapel).
1731 Manchester to Saltersbrook (beyond Woodhead - to join roads in Yorkshire).
1792 Chapel to Enterclough Bridge (just this side of Woodhead).
1805 Marple Bridge to Glossop.
1819 Glossop to Sheffield (over the Snake Pass).

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