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Volunteering Opportunities.

These are the volunteering opportunities the Trust hopes to make available in the next year. There are several different types of volunteer that we are looking for that cover different areas and need different skills. Training and assistance will be given for each task. Some of the tasks can be done at home and some will require coming to our office or venues we attend for events. If you think you would like to help with any of these tasks, weíll be happy to discuss them further with you. To contact us by e-mail please click here. Please be aware that when you contact us it is necessary for us to record your name and contact details in order to respond to you. By making contact you consent to us doing so.

We are currently cataloguing our subject folders, which contain leaflets, papers and articles about different subjects and buildings covering all aspects of Glossopís history. We need volunteers to sort the material into categories and enter the details of each item into our computer catalogue.
We are also sorting through some of the information that has already been digitised and putting it into databases to make it easier for people to find and use for research and writing articles.

We already have volunteers scanning original records, such as newspapers, volumes, papers and photographs we receive. We are identifying some larger projects which may need more people.

We have some documents that canít be scanned because they are handwritten or too faded and these need to be typed out onto computer, so we can access the information within them easily. Some of the scanning we do involves OCR (optical character recognition), this means a computer scans them and changes them into text that can be edited and searched rather than just an image. This process is not 100% accurate, so we need volunteers to compare the text with the original and correct the mistakes.

We are planning to expand the information we have online and the publications we have. We are looking for volunteers who would like to use the material in our archive to write articles for the website or contribute to or design and produce leaflets of history trails around Glossop.

We need volunteers to join us at events we attend, such as the Christmas Markets, to help sell our merchandise.

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