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The Wood Family - Mill owners of Glossopdale.

John Wood, a native of Marsden in Yorkshire, came to Glossop in 1815 and started in business by renting mills on Shelf Brook in Glossop (now Old Glossop). By 1819 he had prospered so much that he was able to buy Bridge Mill when it was put up for auction.

Bridge Mill became the base on which John Wood built the massive Howardtown Mills complex, and not only the mills. John Wood was responsible for building many houses (including his own Howardtown House) which led to the development of Howardtown and the shift of "Glossop" from the old township to the town centre which we know today.

John Wood was more than just a mill owner. He also ran a farm at Milltown, from which he supplied his workpeople with milk, butter, potatoes, pork, mutton and beef. He built one of the first gas works in the area in 1827 and was intimately involved with the civic governance of the twon, being a member of the Select Vestry and serving as the Constable.

Howardtown Mills complex

Before coming to Glossop, John Wood married Miss Alice Hill, of Liverpool, and together they had three sons and two daughters (John Hill; Eliza; Daniel; Samuel and Alice).

Daniel Wood never married but John Hill Wood and Samuel Wood married sisters Emma Sidebottom and Anne Kershaw Sidebottom. All five of them were great benefactors to Glossop, providing funds for Woods Hospital, Howard Park and the Baths and the town's drinking fountains, all of which are the subjects of articles in other areas of our web site. They were also significant contributors to Whitfield and Dinting churches as well as the Parish Church. Daniel and Samuel served as town councillors for several years.

Eliza Wood married Samuel Lees of the Padfield mill owning family whilst Alice married the surgeon, Joseph Hesslegrave.

A more detailed article about the Wood Family, based on extracts from historical notes and articles of the Glossop historian Robert Hamnett, can be accessed by Clicking Here.

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